College Funding and Student Loan Advisor Certification

Help Families Make Better College Financial Decisions

College funding and student loan repayment is now the second most important goal for families in their financial plans.

Do you have the knowledge needed to answer your client's questions and provide the proper solutions?

The Market Size

The college funding market size is over 50 million people each year and growing. Since 2006, the number of people who have student debt and the amount per student has doubled. In addition, it is an underserved market since many advisors do not have the comprehensive knowledge across this various decision points. Parents and grandparents are searching for the proper advice. The college financial aid office and student loan servicers cannot legally answer the personal financial issues that are now part of decision process. By having this training and knowledge, financial advisors will be able to help families navigate this expensive and complex decision.

The Advisor Advantage

College funding is one of the few financial decisions that crossover multiple generations. By having this expertise, the financial advisor has a better probability of retaining assets over multiple generations and attracting young professional clients. As a trained advisor, you are able to provide the solutions to the second most important part of a family's financial plan. If you are trying to attract the young professionals many of them have student loans and you will need this expertise. We are seeing an increasing trend where HNW families are inheriting student loans through a child's marriage. How impressive would it be if now you are able to provide that solution for their child's future? College funding and student loan repayment will help the advisor retain and attract financial assets.

Program Overview

This program provides the information and a comprehensive approach to college funding, paying for college, educational financing and student loan repayment planning process. A proper educational funding strategy will require the advisor to understand: college saving plans, financial aid, education tax strategies, student loans and the various student loan repayment options. It is a four-part program covered over 7 weeks.  It will provide the advisor an intermediate level of knowledge that will allow them to answer most college funding and student loan questions.

EFC PLUS Software Solution

Having the knowledge to answer the questions and create the proper strategies is the first step in a college funding plan. As with most financial solutions, the advisor needs to generate the proper financial analysis to make the best decisions. EFC PLUS software was created by College Affordability LLC to help advisors better analyze their client's financial situation. This software is currently the only comprehensive solution that provides a customized financial projection by college for each student and identifies the various student loan repayment options. The EFC PLUS unique approach evolves with the student as they move through the college process. The software complements the learning provided in this course. The EFC PLUS solution focuses on the financial outcome at the three major decision points: College Decision, In College and Student Loan Repayment.

Earn 16 CFP CE Credits

Earn the College Funding and Student Loan Advisor Designation 

College Funding and Student Loan Advisor Certification includes these courses

Course 1: Saving for College and Financial Aid Positioning
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Course 2: Paying For College
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Course 3: Paying for College - Advanced Topics
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Course 4: Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness
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