Saving for College & Financial Aid Positioning

Section 100 | taught by Fred Amrein
Fred Amrein
Fred Amrein
College Affordability Founder/CEO

About the instructor

Fred Amrein is the founding principal of Amrein Financial an independent, fee-only financial firm that specializes in helping families with the college funding process. Fred is also the founder of College Affordability LLC , a customer-focused college financial software company. The primary goal of the company is to simplify the college financial decision process for students and parents. It is the first company to provide a complete college financial solution for families that will help them make decisions concerning saving, paying and loan repayment for college. Fred is also author of the book, " Financial Aid & Beyond: Secrets to College Affordability".

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This course allows the financial professional to learn the entire college process from saving for college through student loan repayment. The course begins with an introduction to the college financial aid process and introduces the various terms that need to be understood in the saving and initial financial positioning.

The course is broken down into four sections as follows;

  • Saving for College & Financial Aid Positioning section
  • Paying for College
  • Advanced Paying for College
  • Student Loan Repayment

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Course Contents

5 Videos
5 Quizzes
6 Texts
10 PDFs

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