Student Loan Repayment and Forgiveness

Section 400 | taught by Fred Amrein
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Fred Amrein
Fred Amrein
College Affordability Founder/CEO

About the Instructor

Fred Amrein is the founding principal of Amrein Financial an independent, fee-only financial firm that specializes in helping families with the college funding process. Fred is also the founder of College Affordability LLC , a customer-focused college financial software company. The primary goal of the company is to simplify the college financial decision process for students and parents. It is the first company to provide a complete college financial solution for families that will help them make decisions concerning saving, paying and loan repayment for college. Fred is also author of the book, " Financial Aid & Beyond: Secrets to College Affordability".

Course Contents

4 Videos
4 Quizzes
4 Texts
8 PDFs